Ipay88 Policies Regarding Exchange, Refund, Amendment And Cancellation

No exchange, refund, amendment and cancellation are applicable once payment is processed and completed online.

The following circumstances would also apply for non exchange/refund/amendment and cancellation of the order:

1. The recipient is not present at the address given at the time the delivery was requested to take place.
2. The address given was incorrect or insufficient.
3. No such person at the given address.
4. No valid contact number was given to us to make reasonable attempt(s) to contact the recipient in order to execute the order successfully.
5. In the event of any non-delivery, no request for refund will be entertained due to the perishable nature of our products.
6. Refusal of any item by the recipient would still be considered as delivered and no refund will be made.
7. In rare cases of delayed delivery due to circumstances beyond our control, Michelangelo’s shall not be held liable for any claims.